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AASHISHACADEMY is profound training and consulting firm ,having group of experts for microservices, DEVOPS, Data sciences, Javafullstack, Mern stack ,Power BI,AWS,GCP,AZURE and other cloud development.We provide corporate training and consulting.We also help and mentor to startups for solutions. Here’s what you get when you join this amazing course by a AWS certified Solution architect with over 17 years of experience.We have trained more than 10000 candidates in recent years in different skills and technologies.

Microservices Interview Blueprint with content

Monolithic Vs Microservices

1.Advantages of Microservices - How to convert Monolithic to Microservices Monolithic Vs Microservices Architecture
2.Deployment of Microservices - Different strategies and concepts
3:Domain driven design
4:Migration monolithic to Microservices
5:Microservices deployment strategies
6:Interview questions preparation and tips

Interview Preparation with Spring boot and Microservices

1.Spring boot components
2:Spring boot Basics from setup
3.Spring Data JPA
5.REST API - Building REST based Microservices
6Configuration Server - External configuration for microservices
7.bean validation
8.Spring HATEOAS Introduction to spring cloud
9.Microservice patterns
10.Monitoring application using Actuators and Prometheus and Grafana
11:Logging and tracing of Microservices

SQL -Database complete course

1. Database design
2:Different strategies for schema for Microservices
3:Normalization and sql queries
4:complex queries
5:Performance optimization
6:Different type of read -write problems- isolation level
7:Interview preparation tips and questions

No SQL databases requirement ,APIGEE -advance concpets

1.Mongo db. Introduction and advantages
2.What is APIGEE and its advantages 3:Policies and how to use APIGEE 4:APIGEE vs API GATEWAY

Devops - Kubernetes - Microservice's orchestration formula

1.Sonar cube analysis
2:Whats is kubernetes
3: Installation and local setup 3:Kubernetes introduction and overview
4:How to create deployment and pods
5:Deploy Microservices with kubenretes
6:Creating service and access pods
7:Introduction to Jenkins and CI-CD pipeline
8:Interview preparation questions and tips

Java Design Complete course along with performance optimization

1.Solid principles
3 Most commonly used patterns and its requirements:
8:Interview preparation questions and tips

Service Discovery,API GATEWAY ,GaphQL and Reactive microservices

1.Service Discovery - Netflix Eureka server
2.Hytrix command
3.reacxtive web client
4.Feign client
5:Resinance 4j - API Gateway
6:Circuit breaker using Resilience 4j
7:Swagger and its uses with microservices
8:What is GraphQL and use with microservcies 9:Developing reactive Microservcies

Spring Security concepts and interview preparations

1.requirement of security in Microservices
2.Spring Security concepts and different strategies like JWT,OAUTH2 etc
3:Authentication and Authorization 4. Oauth2 implementation
5.Different type authorization
6:Handling Exception in Spring boot App

Containerization of Microservices using Docker complete course

1.Docker introduction
2.docker setup
3.basic commands, creating image
4:How to create docker file for microservices
5:Build Image and deploy
6:Docker compose - multi container deployment
7:Container Registry and How to push and pull images<>

Concepts of message brobker Apache Kafka - Asynchronous communication blueprint

1 .Spring cloud Stream concents - Asunchronous communication between microservices
2:Introduction to Apache Kafka brocker
3:Local setup and installation of Kafka
4:Integration Kafka with Spring boot
5:Different Transaction patterns
6:Interview preparation tips and questions

Microservices on AWS Blueprint - AWS advance course

1 .Introduction to AWS
2.Different services in cloud
3.Deploy microservcies on AWS ecs
4:Deploy services using Beanstalk ,EC2,ECS
5:VPC,EC2, security load balancer, gateway
6:Deployment of microservices - Beanstalk,EC2,ECS 7:S3 storage services
8:RDS and nosql databases

Capstone project

1.Banking application project design
2:database design
3:Sprint planning
4:Microservices implementation
6:Monitoring of Microservices using Grafana
8:Interview preparation questions and tips

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Your efforts in creating a positive and supportive learning environment have not gone unnoticed, and we feel that we are able to approach you with any questions or concerns we may have.It really helped me lot in my project – Deep(Test Automation Engineer)

I got job with 100 % hike after having career break of one year because of family challenges.I am really thankful to Aashish for support – Asmita – Java Tech lead


I really appreciate your teaching methodologies as I was not java developer with full stack technologies but still I was able to learn and pick up concepts. It really help me to get job as microservices developer. – Sandesh – Java developer (Exp with core java)

We appreciate the  effort that you put into helping us during session that  help us grow. Your feedback on our work has been instrumental in our success in the subject, and we look forward to continuing to learn and improve under your guidance.This course really helped me for clearing my interview and getting job – Nikta -Fresher 

This course really helping me to build projects and develop new microservices.It helped me lot in all my interview preparation.List of questions which is available in course are really valuable. – Sudeep – Java developer

This course really helped me to give microservices solutions to my client.We are able to migrate our monolithic application on Microservices architecture. – Prathmesh (Java Technical manager)

Meet Your trainer

Aashish Choudhary is a Professional AWS Certified solution architect,CKAD certified trainer and Consultant with extensive experience in multiple tools a software solutions. An expert at designing training courses with technical content, he is effective at imparting knowledge through his superior verbal communication skills and active listening style. He has proven success in utilizing cutting-edge technology to devise training exercises for all types of learners.

Aashish is a very Friendly and enthusiastic trainer who is very well organized, driven, and effective at using efficient methods of teaching while focusing on the individual needs of each participant. 

He is an Innovator and a leading entrepreneur with 14 years of experience in the Software Industry. Experienced in all aspects of training-related businesses. Visionary product developer with deep education in research and development. Effective communicator and motivator who identifies and leverages assets in teammates to reach organizational goals.


Prepare for  Microservices architect Interview/Technical Manager

  • There are sessions with expert in live online classes. – TWO full day
  • How to build team ,Negotiation skills ,conflict management
  • Interview Preparation and communication skills
  • Advance topics like event based processing – asynchronous  communication using Kafka   Different load balancers, API gateway comparisons ,Cloud solutions using AWS services/GCP services
  • AWS services based solutions
  • GCP services based solutions
  • Devops Tools – Kubenretes, Jenkins,pipeline
  • Java design patterns
  • Performance Optimization

Build Microservice project with Springboot,AWS and EKS Advance Course with deep concepts

This is three month program where you learn step by Step spring boot,JPA,Microservice concepts,Kubernetes,AWS and Jenkins.

 This project consist of local env setup,building app with Microservice architecture – edureka server,api gateway,log aggregation,configuration server,Kubernetes local setup,EKS,AWS ,Jenkins setup,pipeline concepts and react js.


1:When Live session will happen

Ans: Weekly support sessions happens on Saturday. You will also have community support on whatsapp for query and doubts.Instructor led training course always happen in weekends and it is four days – two weekends

What is Instructor led training:

Instructor led training is completely live classes room training for four days two week ends.Where you will learn step by step concepts.

How can I register in course.

You can click in yellow button and get it register after paying money on Instamojo url.You will be added in whatsapp community and you will get access.


Can I check sample videos:

You can visit on our youtube channel “Aashishacademy” for free content and video .You can get videos on multiple topics 

What If I am not happy with Course:

1:You will get full refund in 7 days without any questions.You just need to send mail or connect on whatsapp .

How Can I get Job Support:

We have tie up with multiple firm.We process your resume also we share job requirements,you can apply based on your experience and technologies.

Can I get Some ref for old students.

You can get many ref and feedback from youtube and other places to check references for our learning .

Is these content is life time available.

This content is available with life time access. No renewal required.

How I can resolve my doubts and Queries:

You can join support session and raise all queries and doubts.Also you can use our whatsapp community and portal for discussion and getting help.

How Can I get Mock Interview

We have ready mock interviews where you can go through and check your knowledge status .Based on mock interview you can start preparing topics.

How I can get Real time project development Experience.

We have different project scenarios and real time examples for Microservices project development.We have ready guidelines and details is available to develop real time projects .It is based on our consulting experience.

CONTANCT US ON contacts@aashishacademy.com.    whatsapp No – 6267696804

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