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Topics Covered

Concepts of cloud computing IAS,SAAS,PAS,CAS

Databases on aws – RDS ,nosql,graph etc

Serverless concepts,cloud compute ,EC2 and different plan,VPC ,networking

Storage with S3,ECS,EKS ,billing and cost calculator,plan, EMI


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What will you learn in this AWS Course?

Cloud technologies introduction

RDS services, Dynamo DB, Document DB

AWS Lambda, API gateway,EC2 Instance, Load Balancer,EBS, Elactic Cache

VPC,Region ,Zone and Networking

S3,File system ,IAM policy and roles

Costing and Billing

Register before Mar 25, 2022 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 16,000

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Register before Mar 25, 2022 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 16,000

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Register before Mar 25, 2022 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 16,000

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques -1:What is the duration of Course?

This course completion time is two months. You can also learn at your own speed. You will get unlimited live sessions.

Ques -2:Is this course access life time?

This course has life time access for all subscription.

Ques -3:When live sessions happen?

Live sessions is happening on every saturday afternoon. You will get zoom link on mail or in message.

Ques -4:What is refund process If I don't like it?

You can send mail or message to us within five days. We will refund your money without any issues.

Ques - 5:Can I join any time live sessions subscription or when batch is going to start?

We kept is flexible to join any time. All content will be available from day 1 to you to start. You can start learning from your own as well as per your time schedule. You can follow step by step to start and raise your problems and doubts in community and in Saturday sessions.

Ques - 6:Will I get job support? are you providing jobs?

We provide job support and assistance. We got many requirements for jobs and freelancing developers. We will help you for interview preparation as well.

Ques :7:Are you providing project work as well.

We have already given some project assignment in end of the course. You need to complete this project.

Ques -8:Where Can i share my problem during week time if I get Errors?

You can use community to discuss your problems and get answers.

Ques 9:is there is any interview preparation content is available?

We have separately prepared interview preparation videos .you can use that. Also you can discuss in live sessions.

Ques -10:What are topics covered in course?

We have given all topic details in starting of the page. Also you can check curriculum.

Ques - 11- How I will get interview calls?

We share all open requirements in mail also you can check our site www.yourjobs.in and upload your resume .As per requirement, we process your resume and you will get interview call. Also you can check for our facebook page for regular updates.